Top 7 Social media marketing tools to save money in 2021

When you are on a budget and planning your funds, making the right decisions on where you need to invest or save can be hard. How can you spend your budget efficiently? When you have a small budget, what you spend it on will eventually decide your success. The Social media marketing tools you use will eventually decide what your success is.

Social media marketing tools

So here are the top 7 ways you can manage your budget efficiently and save money using these social media marketing tools

1) Buffer

Buffer is one of my favourite social media marketing tools for scheduling in social media. You can schedule posts on all the major social media marketing sites, get their analytics, and you can also make use of the browser extension for adding content to your scheduling queue.

Pricing: Free for a single user ( excluding Pinterest ). Paid plans are available at a low price when you start adding your team members to your network.

Availability: Android, IOS and Web.

2) Canva

Canva is an absolute lifesaver for people who are social media marketers, designers, business owners and influencers. This is one of the best designing tools for creating some amazing designs with minimum effort and in a quick time. Canva is easy to learn and master. It has tons of templates — Ranging from logos to Instagram posts to Reels — so if you are on a time constrain or if you are in an idea deficit you can use these templates to your advantage. This will not really come under social media marketing tools yet I added this because this gives amazing value for marketers and designers.

Pricing: Free for most of the part. Some premium templates and elements require access which can be bought through their monthly subscriptions. 

Availability:  Android, IOS and Desktop/Web.

3) Later

Later is also a scheduling tool where you can set up posts and queue them to post them on your social media profiles. This has some unique features such as content calendar view which can give you a preview of your feed as and how it is on your platform. I think that people who are into Instagram will find this very helpful as it can help you plan a longer series of posts with consistency. This is one of the few social media marketing tools which you can use for free and have great success.

Pricing: Free for a single user (30 posts/month). The paid version also available when you want to use it as a community and have more posts queued.

Availability: Android, IOS and Web.

4) Quuu

Quuu is a tool that helps you deliver stunning social media content. It creates engaging and quality content for your social media marketing campaign. You can choose your interests here and receive content suggestions that are perfect for your audience. You can also integrate Quuu with buffer to plan and post your content. One of the few social media marketing tools which provide content for free.

Pricing: Both the free and paid versions are available where you will be getting a certain number of ideas per day in the free variant whereas you can get unlimited ideas in the paid version. 

Availability: Web-only.

5) BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a tool with which you can find content for yourself and also do your keyword research. You can even track online trending topics with this tool. Researching blogs and finding their top-performing content can be found using this tool. You can also use this while browsing using their extension.

Pricing: It has a free trial of 30 days after which you have to get their paid subscription. 

Availability: Web-only.

6) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best social media marketing tools that can help you organise all of your content easily. And it has your content in its database, and it makes sure that the finished content is uploaded at the scheduled dates and times. This can also help save your passwords and login information.

Pricing: It has a free version for us. And it also has a professional plan (you can try this as a trial for 30 days)

Availability: Web-only

7) Hype-Auditor

Hype-Auditor helps you to find out your fake followers and remove them to get a better reach. It helps you to analyze your audience and find out their location, age, gender and which followers are bots. Fake followers affect your profile, that is when Hype-Auditor can help us optimise your account and give it a boost.

Pricing: They only have a paid version which costs around $200 per month for 50 reports.

Availability: Web-only

There are unlimited choices out there for great social media tools. Finally, it’s in your hands to decide what tools work the best for your needs and your goals. Keep experimenting with these social media marketing tools and see what works best for you.

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